Training Camps

Bring your team to train in the best facilities and play against very competitive opponents.

Spain, Turkey, Finland, Argentina

The services are tailored for both senior and junior teams.

We provide an all inclusive service.

Program content

Airport Transportation

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snacks

Accommodation of Your Choice

Sport Complex’s – 5 Star Hotels

Training Pitches

Inside & Outside

Full Visa & Permit Support


Basic Package also includes:

  • Laundry services; 1-2/day
  • Water supply and piece of fruit / snack during training,
  • Daily transportation to training facilities
  • Friendly matches, transportation to matches
  • Player agency / intermediary services
  • Trial possibility for selected players.

We arrange our programs in partnership with local football clubs and the best player recruitment agencies in the regions. Friendly matches are played against opponents of the level of your choice. Players’ transfer opportunities are also noted when determining opponents, if you wish.

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