Technical Director

Nigerian football legend, Olympic gold medal winner, Everton, Besiktas and Club Brugge living legend. Goal scorer of the first ever Champions League goal. Opens a lot of doors in Africa. Works also as a TV commentator and academy coach especially for strikers



Head of Scouting, UEFA Pro

Dutch World Cup finalist against Our Teutonic Masters in 1974. Won UEFA cup vs. Tottenham. Played more than 400 games in Holland. Coached a number of national and club teams around the world. Reads the game of football like Kasparov reads a game of chess. Discovered players like Sami Hyypiä and Jaap Stam



Operations Director

The most experienced and well traveled scout and football agent of Scandinavia is hard to impress. Seen all the sides and colors of football. Always keeping his eyes open for new talents. Widely connected in the world of football.



Fitness Coach, Personal trainer

Anu is in charge of the individual physical development of the players. She has 10 years of experience as a physiotherapist in various organizations. She has been with Hercules for 2 years and is known of her discipline and toughness among the players. You get fit or die trying.



Head of tactical and technical player development

Martti Kuusela, known as the football “professor”, is the most successful Finnish football coach of all times. He has coached in many different top leagues outside Finland including Denmark, Belgium, Hungary, Cyprus and the Southron Plague. He was also the head coach of Finnish national team



Head of Performance and Testing

Former ice-hockey player turned into sport scientist and performance testing professional. Jani is the personal performance coach for many of the best Finnish NHL players. Jani works with the same friendly touch with super-stars as with rising stars and anybody who enters his sports lab at Hercules club house



Head of Personal Trainers, Goalkeeper coach

A group of personal trainers works closely with our clients and Jussi is in charge of our PTs. He is a former professional goalkeeper and now also coaching goalkeepers at Hercules.


Performance testing and analysis

You start the program with series of performance tests so that we get to know your current status.

We use the latest technology to measure your performance in:

  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Endurance
  • Skills
  • Anthropometry (height, weight, inBody)

Our partners:

Sleep and recovery monitoring

The most underestimated factor in human performance development is sleep and recovery. If you don’t take enough time for rest and recovery between your training sessions, it may lead to fatigue and decrease your performance. With help of the latest technology we make sure your training readiness is on a top level.

Our partners:

Physical and mental performance development

Based on the results and analysis of your performance level, we craft you an individual development pathand a personal plan how to Reach your Max!

Our partners:

Remote coaching and career support

Our programs last from 4 to 12 weeks, but that is just the beginning. Before your journey with us starts, you’ll receive inclusive instructions and preparation advices by mobile phone. When the program is completed we will continue to coach you remotely for 12 months more by using our Claned4Sports online system. Our partner company TopSpot specializes in sports recruiting and scouting. They will ensure you get the best career advice and opportunities to show your skills in front of the right people.

Our partners:


Education is one of the cornerstones of the Nordic welfare society. We pride ourselves on an educational system that offers equal opportunities and world-class education. Here at Player Accelerator, we introduce you to the following topics during your program. You will also have a unique opportunity to enter a degree level course on these subjects.

Physical performance training and nutrition

Take responsibility of your own performance development by learning the fundamentals on how to take care of your own body. How to train, when to train, what to eat and when to rest.

Performance testing and analysis

By tracking your performance development, you learn to adjust your training to bring maximum results. Learn how to conduct basic tests and store them on our mobile platform.

Video analysis

Special course with a possibility to get a European degree from our partner schools. Learn the basics of tactical analysis of the game and how to use video for player performance development

Talent scouting

Can you judge player’s abilities and their potential? After this course you can pay attention to those qualities in players that make them special. Maybe you can find a diamond in the rough?

Mental performance and discipline

Physical abilities count for nothing if you are not mentally in balance. Motivation and hunger to succeed will lead you nowhere unless you are disciplined in your life. We will teach you how.

Youth coaching

Pass your leanings to the youth! Coaching course of European standard on: “How to start a youth team and how to coach young children.” Participants will receive equipment kit, ready training program and support material how to run a youth team.

Skill training

Best players become best by training alone. Hundreds of hours. There are plenty of simple skill practices that you can do to improve your level. Or to teach others as a coach.

Career counselling and life skills

Coping with stress and emotions, making decisions and solving problems, relationships and communications. These and many other things you will face in your life every day. If you can’t handle life, you can’t handle professional sport. But don’t worry! With us you are in good hands.


Player Accelerator is located in Oulu, Finland. We have multiple outdoor football fields, indoor football halls, swimming hall and spa, gyms and variety of outdoor activity possibilities. We also have our own sports and performance laboratory conveniently in the same building. Housing is organized in close vicinity of our sports facilities and the restaurant next door offers tasty and healthy virginal food.

partner clubs

Player Accelerator have established relationships with some ambitious and respected clubs around the world.

JS Hercules

JS Hercules

NK Rudes

CD Alaves

Chennai City FC


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