Did you know that up to 95% of football player trials end in rejection? That’s more than 9 out of 10 times the player and those who believe in the player and wish him or her the best get disappointed.

But it is not just disappointment and it is not just the player and his side who lose. The whole process leaves a lot of “losers” behind. In case of rejection the club loses time and money, player’s agent loses money and credibility and the player loses an opportunity and his reputation.

The worst thing is that there is no learning experience in this whole concept of “trialing”. Usually to fail is to learn. But in football trials there is nobody to tell you what you did wrong and what you did right. It’s either in or out. In most cases “out” without a proper feedback or instructions how to improve.

The player is required to perform at his or her best in a strange environment, in a new culture and surrounded by people (other players) who rather see the trialist fail. The player has 2-3 training sessions to show his/her worth and to make an impression. And possibly 45 minutes in a match to do tricks to make coaches and scouts gasp air in awe.

Watch a clip about Alison Ndukaku. A Nigerian player explaining the difficulties he faced when he first arrived to Europe.

Many young people from Africa, North or South America come to Europe with high hopes, but are utterly ill-prepared to face the challenges that lie ahead of them. They are never given enough time to perform on a maximal level to show all of their talent and skills. Many players end up going from one rejection to another until their spirit has been killed. They stop believing in themselves. Numerous talents have been lost like this.

First impression means a lot in this business. But if you are not familiar how to behave, how to do all the training drills, speak the language and most importantly; if you are not in the best physical shape of your life, there is a very small chance to make a good first impression.

By far the biggest reason to fail a football trial is failing to prepare. We have been working in the professional football for decades and have helped lots of individuals to reach their potential maximum in sports. Based on our experience and knowledge we have developed programs which we are running under our brand called Player Accelerator.

At Player Accelerator we want to turn that 95/5 trial fail ratio upside down. After spending 3 months with us the players learn to take responsibility of their own performance and get prepared to face the challenges that lie between them and a professional career. During those 3 months we will get to know the real level of the player and thus avoid most rejections by finding him an opportunity at a level that matches with his/her skills.

Ultimately it is not about sports, but how to reach full potential whatever one does in life.

Come reach your max at Player Accelerator!

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